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HSQE - Page 2
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WCC has six core policies:

 Drugs and Alcohol.
 Anti-Harassment & Discrimination

Leadership and Commitment

All WCC employees, shore based and offshore personnel are expected to actively demonstrate support of, and commitment to HSE through their personal involvement, behavior and actions. HSE shall have prevailing status over other primary business objectives. Targets for improvement in all areas of HSE performance will be set - lead and lag indicators included. The long term committed relationship with associated third parties, has established a safety awareness system within WCC organization, with the full interactive cooperation of charterers representatives, flag administration auditors and class surveyors. The management of WCC has been currently in process to demonstrate leadership in QHSE through integrated Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).


WCC has developed and maintains the competence of its personnel to better control the risks generated by the business. Every individual has it requisite HSE responsibilities, competencies and behaviors explicitly defined in their respective position descriptions. Performance contracts shall state how these competencies are to be maintained and demonstrated. Health and safety performance will be included as a factor in the appraisal and reward of staff. To maintain adequate capability, WCC is committed to preventing health problems of its employees within the work environment.

Environmental Management

Within WCC we are committed and ensuring that all activities are conducted with the highest level of environmental awareness and protection possible. WCC has an Environmental Plan and ensures that all procedures include consideration of environmental impacts and precautions. Zero records in pollution incidents for over a decade around the seven seas prove our commitment on such sensitive task.

Risk Management

Hazards are managed through our risk assessment database. This ensures that risk areas are

 Systematically identified
 Assessed for their risk by Job Hazard Analysis(JHA)
 Controlled so that the risk is as low as reasonably practicable (Risk Assessment exercises

Recovery measures are been also put in place to mitigate the potential consequences if a hazard is released. All personnel and associates (charterer’s reps) have the authority to delay or stop activities where effective controls are not in place to manage identified hazards. WCC review risks annually and develop appropriate management processes.

Activity Planning and Procedures

WCC has implemented and maintains a concise and comprehensive suite of procedures and standards to ensure that HSE is effectively addressed in all activities. Our organization has established a procedure for controlling all documentation (Document Control Procedure), in which all documents are periodically reviewed and revised as required, with obsolete documents being removed to prevent unintended use. WCC has developed and implemented appropriate emergency response systems and training of personnel to deal with, and recover from, any potential incidents.

Monitoring and Reporting

WCC personnel monitors and analyze all incident and hazard reports to determine HSE impacts and ensure that preventative and corrective actions are implemented where necessary.

Audit and Management Review

WCC periodically reviews its management system to determine whether it continues to be suitable, adequate and effective for the Company's needs. Currently our company’s system been “upgraded” by formally entry into the international standards of ISO systems (9001/14001/18001).

Continuous Improvement and Learning

WCC has implemented a process to review its management system to ensure its continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness. The management review addresses potential changes to policy, objectives and other elements of the management system, in light of audit results, changing business circumstances, and the commitment to continual performance improvement. All WCC employees are expected to contribute to a learning culture where activities are continually scrutinized for potential learning points and opportunities for improvement.