World Carrier Corporation is a privately owned company with it's Head Office in Athens, Greece, operating both as an integrated offshore services provider to the oil industry, as well as providing traditional ship management services in support of existing relationships.

Building on two generations of marine expertise, since 1980 we have operated a diverse fleet combining, at various times, Tankers of every size with bulk carriers, general cargo vessels as well as tugs and other offshore support vessels. Our managed fleets over the years were equally split between third party tonnage under management and in house management of vessels acquired by our shareholders as long-term investments.

Our first moves from traditional shipping commenced in the 1980's when we developed a tanker shuttle service for clients and which led to a decision to gradually reduced our exposure to traditional shipping markets and the purchase by our shareholders in the early 1990's of our first FSO. This acquisition led us to get more involved in offshore oilfield activities and as a result we are today a fully integrated offshore services provider which recently included an EPIC contract for a 14-point moored Floating Storage and Offloading Unit for an oilfield in West Africa.

With the experience gained during the last 15 years, we pride ourselves in our ability to develop good solutions, focused on marginal oilfields, and giving a cost effective value for money solution. Being a small private company we are always extremely flexible and quick in appreciating customer’s requirements, challenges and requests and will always strive to give the best solution in a timely and satisfactory manner.

We have also developed an excellent oilfield services capability where we can manage all marine operations and elements in oilfields. As part of our expansion in the offshore sector we have acquired a substantial holding in CMI Offshore Group a dedicated offshore vessel operator with 21 units fleet, operating in the Caspian Sea and having offices in Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Cork, Caracas, Singapore and in Athens.

We are absolutely focused on providing customer satisfaction and committed to the highest standards of customer service by maintaining a strongly oriented attitude towards this goal.

We believe that we are good in doing what is required of us and maintain a strong customer service oriented attitude always putting safety and our customer’s needs as a first priority.

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