We are taking training very seriously. Well trained officers and crew are the key to efficient and accident free operations. A very extensive and comprehensive training program is in place with an annual budget of close to one million dollars.

Mooring Masters, Captains and Chief Officers are regularly trained (initial or recurrent training) in mooring operations for both shuttle tanker and export tanker operations. The training consist of one week ground school combined with time in very advanced simulators under the guidance of expert instructors at the FORCE Technology www.forcetechnology.com Tug boat officers are actually in a tug boat simulator the same time Mooring Master or Captain is in the tanker simulator. Hence they train together simulating real life operations.

It is a company rule that no Captain will take over command unless he has been in recurrent training in the preceding 12 months.

All officers and crew members are trained by Falck Prime Atlantic Limited www.falckprimeatlantic.com The training courses are:

-Helicopter Landing Officer Course (OBS 719)

-Offshore Emergency Response Helideck Team Member Refresher Course (OFI749)

-Crane Operator Training Course / Assessment Stage 1+2+3+4

-Advance Fire Fighting Training Course GCC (OFI712)

This program is continuous and perpetual. Courses are rotated every month so all personnel is eventually trained on each course at least once a year.

Last but not least all kind of drills are conducted weekly, as realistic as possible to ensure and improve high standards, good collaboration and synchronization between the crew members.