It is World Carrier Corporation policy to provide a safe, hazard free working environmental and to protect employee’s health and WCC property by ensuring safe and efficient operations across all aspects of the business.

The possession or consumption of alcohol, illegal drugs or other mood altering substances or other persons operating on or entering onto WCC associates operated facilities is strictly prohibited.

WCC personnel shall not be permitted on any facility with the presence of any alcohol, illegal drugs or other mood altering substances in their system and may be subject to random alcohol and drug testing.

In the interest of safety, security and compliance of the WCC policy and in accordance with the conditions imposed upon the WCC by law, regulations and contractual agreements with our associates/charterers, WCC may conduct searches for any items referred to in this policy and may conduct alcohol and drug testing from time to time or as a result of a workplace accident of on a show cause basis to ensure a safe working environment, free of hazards.