Laying down the spread mooring anchors and chains, hook up and start of operation.

Custody meter transfered from FSO Ailsa Craig and installed on FSO Ailsa Craig I.

FSO Ailsa Craig I arrived Nigeria.

FSO Ailsa Craig I completed conversion and sailed from China.

Installation of spread mooring equipment.

Tandem discharge arrangement and chain stoppers installed.

Delivery of AHTS Maersk Rider Delivery was taken in Ghana. Vessel name has been changed to AHTS Ima Atisi.and it has been acquired to support Ima and Okoro terminal operations.

The most efficient and economic way to bring the chains to Nigeria was to load them on board so as to eliminate delays but also big logistics problem in Nigeria to bring them to the oilfield and handle them.

Newly built accommodation of FSO Ailsa Craig I plus the Helideck sitting on top of it has been mated and installed on the FSO.

Ailsa Craig I enters Guangzhou Dockyard. VLCC Ailsa Craig I entered Guangzhou Dockyard to start her conversion into an FSO.

Delivery of the VLCC Ruby III was taken in Hong Kong where the vessel was renamed to Ailsa Craig I

M/T Irini I arrived at the Ima anchorage in Nigeria where she started operations as the dedicated shuttle tanker between the Okoro and Ima oilfields.